Even in today’s “fake news” environment, facts still matter. But facts alone will not prevail unless they are shaped into compelling messages as part of a well-orchestrated communications plan. HDMK helps clients clarify, simplify and amplify messages so audiences learn what is most important.


We deploy the latest technology to deliver messaging across all digital platforms; whether the goal is mobilizing grassroots support, opposition, or guaranteeing that audiences see specialty content. Digital media is integrated into program management through a range of services including social media operations, online advertising, email marketing, website design and development, and content creation.


Public and political scrutiny of every entity in the U.S. is at an all-time high, with immediate, massive and costly reputational consequences for those who aren’t prepared. HDMK partners have been on high-level crisis teams at the White House, in Congress, in the private sector and on campaigns, providing a steady hand in the face of a storm. We can predict how advertising or public statements may be received, manage challenging or sensitive news announcements, and advise on other delicate situations.


We have provided executive media preparation to some of the most high-profile individuals in the world, helping them hone their communications skills and make media and public appearances more effective. We also prepare executives for hostile interviews and congressional testimony, so they can pivot from defense to offense. From television, radio and print interviews, social media, podcasts, webchats, public testimony, or speeches, we prepare our clients to communicate effectively across all media platforms.


Winning advocacy debates requires commitment, discipline, and creativity, which is why our focus is to always stay on offense. We aim to make opponents explain while we deploy emotional and fact-based arguments to support our policy proposition. We also work with clients to deliver messages with new or different messengers, since who says something is often as important as what they are saying.