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HDMK Partner Julie Cram Joins Former Homeland Security Advisory to President Bush, Fran Townsend, and Assistant for Legislative Affairs, Candi Wolff, for Politico’s ‘Women Rule’ Podcast

Julie Cram, former Deputy Assistant and Director of the Public Liaison Office and current HDMK Partner, discussed her role in President George W. Bush’s Administration with the Politico’s ‘Women Rule’ Podcast alongside Fran Townsend and Candi Wolff. The topics included: women in politics and expectations of the current Republican office. Cram spoke highly of her treatment as a colleague and employee for the White House, Julie made the statement, “I think the White House is a very structured environment so you’re able to bring your creativity, but the senior empowerment of the president had nothing to do with you being male or female. It’s: What is your job? Are you doing a good job? And getting it done and bringing something to the table every time you come in.”

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