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HDMK provides expertise in managing successful public policy campaigns, developing media strategies, and helping organizations and businesses bring attention to their issues in today’s ever crowded public arena. We have decades of experience working in the White House, Capitol Hill, national political campaigns and the private sector, and we have been engaged in hundreds of high profile public policy battles. Now, we put that experience to work for our clients, providing them with the organization, strategies and skills necessary to achieve their public policy objectives.

An effective issue advocacy campaign requires more than just good lobbying; it requires a strategic communications plan that utilizes every available asset.  Winning communications strategies demand preparation, seamless coordination, and strong execution.  Having the facts on your side is a good start, but those facts won’t help unless they are shaped into powerful arguments delivered in a manner that provides the most impact.  That’s where our experience helps.  We have worked on hundreds of the highest profile and most complex public policy battles over the past two decades, and know how to prevail in the court of public opinion.
There are the times when a standard communications plan will not be enough, and achieving an objective will require a sustained, long-term message campaign that enlists the help of allies.  This requires planning, preparation, recruitment, organization and execution. With so many moving parts, strong management and coordination is essential.  At HDMK, we have experience in building and managing message campaigns that get results.  We can bring multiple organizations, individuals and businesses together and keep them united on achieving a shared goal.  From identifying assets to utilizing them correctly, we have the tools, strategies and experience to help our clients mount a winning message campaign.
Crises are unpredictable in every way except one: we know they will happen.  Our experience in the White House, presidential and congressional campaigns and Capitol Hill has taught us the best ways to maintain a steady hand and give the strongest responses during a time of crisis.  These successful techniques can help corporations, organizations or individuals when faced with an expected or unexpected predicament.  Most importantly, by working with clients on a day-to-day basis, we can anticipate, identify and design strategies that prevent public relations debacles from occurring in the first place – which is the best crisis communications of all.
Having spent decades working with national and local reporters on a variety of issues, we understand the media business and the job of reporters like few others.  At HDMK, we supply the experience and connections necessary to become a voice in the public debate, but also provide the kind of unvarnished advice needed to navigate the daily storylines and continuous evolution of the national media.  We help our clients anticipate questions and understand where stories are headed.
We have performed media training with many top newsmakers, helping them hone their communications skills and make their interviews more effective.  From television, radio and print interviews, podcasts, webchats, congressional testimony, or speeches, we prepare our clients to communicate with confidence and success.
A well-crafted speech or a well-placed editorial can make a big impact in a public policy debate.  At HDMK, we have experience in writing speeches and editorials for our nation’s top leaders.  Now, we put that experience to work for our clients, by producing speeches and editorials that thoughtfully and dynamically articulate their key messages.
HDMK helps you deliver your message to the people you want to see it.  We provide comprehensive digital strategies for all your public affairs and advocacy needs. Whether your objective is to activate and mobilize grassroots or have your message seen by policymakers, we use the latest technology and platforms to cut through the clutter and get your message to the right audience. Our services include media planning, website design, development, online advertising, social media management and email marketing.