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HDMK Partner Terry Holt Quoted in Roll Call

Why Ryan Is Key to Republican Moderates’ Survival Health care debacle has left GOP centrists without political cover Some moderate Republicans were left out in the cold by the GOP leadership’s push of a deeply unpopular health care bill over

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Entering Office Under a Cloud: How Trump, Bush 43 Differ

Real Clear Politics Rebecca Berg Donald Trump will not be the first president to face a deeply polarized country and doubts about the legitimacy of his victory as he is sworn in. But he has so far wrestled these challenges

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Memo to House GOP: Don’t Get BTU’d Again

Published in Morning Consult January 18, 2017 Trent Duffy Well, that didn’t take long. House Republicans tried something politically risky, the Democrat-media complex pounced and President-elect Donald Trump put the tweet in the coffin. This was the so-called “controversy” over

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Five reasons why Donald Trump could be the ‘Greatest Communicator’

Published in The Hill December 2, 2016 Terry Holt and Trent Duffy President-elect Donald Trump may not have a popular vote mandate, but he possesses raw political assets that are even more powerful: superior communications skills, a highly energized, devoted and organized

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